Our Program

“A dressage program that puts a harmonious partnership between horse and rider at the center.”

Our goal

White Horse Dressage nurture true partnership between horse and rider. The goal of our program is to foster happy, willing horses and knowledgeable, compassionate riders. Partnerships of total trust. When this is achieved one feels complete ease with their horse partner and is confident trying anything new.

To help our clients achieve this, we offer instruction in basic through advanced dressage, lunge lessons, caveletti, in-hand and long line work.

We offer these programs:

Full Time Training

Part Time Training

Individual lessons

Grooming and horse care services available provided by our vet-tech trained barn manager who brings with a wealth of knowledge.

Student reflections

My students and their horses are a reflection of my teaching

“Petra Beltran is a hidden gem in the dressage world. She has a superb sense of what is going on with a horse and rider and which small changes yield huge improvements. Technically exacting, she has this magic about her– all of the horses love her and are eager to work.”

“I started lessons with Petra in 2015 when I had absolutely no riding experience. As an older beginner (age 48 when I started), Petra paired me with gentle school horses. During the first four months of my lessons, Petra put me on a lunge line to carefully introduce me to all three gaits and to build my seat. As I gained more experience and confidence I was given opportunities to ride different horses.

Eventually I acquired my own horse and with Petra’s methodical training, my horse was able to perform like never before. These days we work on all sorts of fun lateral work on the ground and under saddle. None of these come quick and easy. The foundation that Petra so patiently built for me helps me bring out the best in my horse. I can ride with confidence and joy every step of the way.

As I learn more about classical dressage riding, I realize that what sets Petra apart from other trainers is her ever gentle approach to both horse and rider. She truly enjoys working with all horses and when you see that big beam from your horse to Petra, you know you’ve found the right trainer.”

“Riding horses had been an unreachable dream for me until I got my first horse a year ago. I assumed my two young boys could ride the horse also, but it turned out my horse was totally green and I struggled with him to the point that I started believing that riding was not for adult beginners like me. Petra understood my frustration and promised that she will try to help me.

I believed in her because I used to watch her rides on her beautiful horses with the care, love and patience that comes from experience and understanding a lot. Petra took me under her wings and has given me much more than she promised.

She is extremely kind and fair to horse and rider; she is confident, positive and supportive at all times, and she can simplify information in an incredible way. From the first lesson, she helped me and my boys build a strong base for our riding education. My horse and I enjoy riding and learning together – we are supple, relaxed and happy. My boys always look forward to their lessons with Petra. They have improved a lot, developing confidence and the joy of learning to ride horses in the proper way, with respect and appreciation for these beautiful creatures. Petra fills her lessons with jewels of wisdom: the most valuable instructions calm, kind, firm and just right. A million thanks to Petra!”

Petra teaches with patience, wit, and above all an unshakeable commitment to the horse’s comfort and enjoyment of the training process and to the rider’s proper education. You don’t find fancy gadgets or shortcuts here; just systematic correct training that routinely transforms ordinary horses and riders often beyond recognition. I am truly amazed at how much I have improved as a rider in 2 years under Petra’s tutelage.

“I rode with Petra for a year while I was in California on sabbatical. Petra is one of the best teachers, of any subject, I have ever met. Her knowledge of dressage is deep and systematic, her instructions clear and meaningful. Her dedication to the art of dressage and her deep caring for the welfare of horses makes her very special. Petra and her students have created a true community of horse lovers in the Bay Area.”

“Petra has an intuitive connection with horses that allows her to teach both horse and rider in a calm, yet effective way. It is like she knew what my horse was thinking and thus, knew how to ask him to do movements he seemed incapable of. She has the up most respect for her horses and her clients, so in turn they respect her. Petra is one of the best trainers I have worked with. She helped me excel as a rider and as a horse owner. She is one of the most graceful and beautiful riders I have ever seen.”

“Petra Beltran is a master trainer, patient and kind, but also firm and exacting. Under her instruction, I have learned that riding well is so much more than being able to run your horse through a set of movements and figures; rather it is about developing a partnership based on mutual understanding and respect. At the age of 20, my mare is more supple, relaxed and healthy than she’s ever been. Petra, both my horse and I thank you!”

“All my adult, married life I have been riding dressage and hoping for the day when I could study with a classically trained, European trainer. I was expecting to need to go to Europe to do that but while casually looking to get back into riding after a second-child hiatus, I found out about Petra. Petra is hands down the best trainer I have ever ridden for. She explains concepts in a way that you can feel, and at just the right time in your development. She never rushes you and your horse before you have mastered the fundamentals. You know when you are or are not riding correctly and then can build upon the right base. Petra can tell if you and your horse are correct and how well schooled by a simple walk, trot, canter in a 20-meter circle. It’s not about tricks or “poodle-ing” as she calls it. It is about the classical equestrian movement and oneness of the horse and rider, at all times. The best indicator of her teaching ability is just to watch the grace and beauty with which her long-time students ride!”

“I have been riding for over 20 years and have had many instructors. Petra is in a class by herself when it comes to teaching true classical riding, the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse. I can’t stress enough how different she is from all of the rest. She never compromises her ideals for the sake of expediency nor at the expense of the horse’s health and well-being. If horses had a say, every horse would choose Petra for their trainer and/or riding instructor.”

“Over the last two years Petra has guided my work with my young horse from greenest green to competition level, always with quiet, intelligent, classical discipline and consistently warm support. I always feel safe with Petra.”