A place to learn, grow, have fun and leave the madness of the world behind

A riding academy in the European tradition for students of all levels

White Horse Dressage is a full service barn in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering instruction and training for horse and rider from the basics of safe ground handling and basic riding to higher level classical dressage and in-hand work. All levels of experience are welcome.

We are proud to offer our clients a place where horses come first. A home away from home, where riding dreams come to life. A place to be the best versions of ourselves and nurture correct riding techniques. A barn where questions are always welcome, the dressage masters are consulted, and the pace of learning is customized to every horse-rider partnership.

What students are saying about Petra

Meredith Crawford

Petra Beltran is a hidden gem in the dressage world. She has a superb sense of what is going on with a horse and rider and which small changes yield huge improvements. Technically exacting, she has this magic about her– all of the horses love her and are eager to work.

Wendy Lee

I realize that what sets Petra apart from other trainers is her ever gentle approach to both horse and rider. She truly enjoys working with all horses and when you see that big beam from your horse to Petra, you know you’ve found the right trainer.

Nour Bitar

Petra is one of the best teachers, of any subject, I have ever met. Her knowledge of dressage is deep and systematic, her instructions clear and meaningful.