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Renee Fleming

Neco tu dat

“The word ‘classic’ … carries the weight of something that has been distilled over time and represents the highest quality in a given field.”
~ Renee Fleming, renowned opera singer, author of The Inner Voice
Inspiration, like instruction, can sometimes be found in unlikely places and at unexpected times.

Renee Fleming, opera singer and horse lover
My favorite opera singer, Renee Fleming, said that she hopes The Inner Voice will be a valuable companion to anyone striking out in her daunting but exhilarating profession. Of course she was talking about opera, but I found her book extremely inspiring in my study of the sometimes daunting but always exhilarating art of classical riding.

Renee Fleming loves horses and as a young girl showed them. In one chapter of her book she says:

“The story of my singing has a plot not unlike those of the horse novels I loved in my youth. A child finds a wild horse whose true potential only she can see.

She loves and cares for it, trains it tirelessly. The girl and the horse have a commitment to each other that no one else can get in the way of. She sticks by
the horse through injury and doesn’t believe anyone who says the horse is all washed up. When the horse is thriving, she turns down all offers to sell it off. In the end, the horse proves to be a winner, and in return for her work and devotion, it takes her to victories she had never dreamed possible.

This is the story of how I found my voice, and how I worked to shape it, and of how it, in turn, shaped me.”